My Wood Factory

Created for Woodworkers by Woodworkers...

Mywoodfactory.com was inspired by a woodworker, for woodworkers.  We didn't have a place where we can freely buy and sell our machinery.  Whether you choose to sell direct, or through a trusted salesperson.  We now have a place that is 100% commission-free to do it.

Without the option to buy or sell direct, we know the seller isn’t getting the full value of the machine being sold, and the buyer knows they are paying too much.  If you choose to use a trusted salesperson, then you are aware of the value they are adding and are happy to pay them for that service.
Thus, creating a transparent place where we can buy and sell everything related to woodworking.  Where buyers are directly connected to sellers. No middle man who is just sitting on a beach with his toes in the sand, having us pay for their next Pina colada!
We can keep our money where it belongs... in our dusty pockets! 
From the team at mywoodfactory.com, we really hope this helps.  And while using the website, if you find something that could be improved, please let us know and we will continue to work towards making this the best place to buy and sell your woodworking machinery.